Service Agreement

This is an Agreement between You (“Client” or “You”) and Career Protocol, LLC (“Career Protocol” or “We/Us”). The purpose of this Agreement is to describe the terms under which Career Protocol will provide You with services to help You in applying to business school during one single application season. (See below for more specific information about the timing of Your project). 

The investment You will make and the services You will receive depend on the number of schools You select for Your project.


For the consideration set forth in this Agreement and in exchange for Your agreement to the promises contained in this Agreement, it shall be Career Protocol’s pleasure to serve You by providing the following products and services during the term of this Agreement.

Access to Career Protocol Proprietary Tools and Training (access expires May 1 at the end of the application season unless otherwise indicated)

  • 1 Year Membership to the Career Protocol Inner Circle Membership – Slack community inclusion and access to all community huddles, group coaching calls, and office hours.
  • Full Access to…
    • Our Complete Authentic MBA Application Program with step-by-step guidance, video lessons, workbooks, and done-for-you templates.
    • Guided You Discovery™ process.
    • Best practice research and networking guidance, school outreach resources, and informational interview scripts.
    • School selection strategy guidance.
    • The Badass Resume Protocol: Own your impact and communicate your awesomeness all on one page.
    • Recommender selection, preparation, and coaching materials.
    • Hollywood Storytelling Training: Learn how to inspire with your story and create an emotional connection with your audience.
    • The Career Protocol Complete Content Library – every piece of valuable MBA content we’ve created, searchable and organized by subject.
    • MBA School Insight Vault: MBA Program resource library with essential links, school insights, and in-depth school research reports.
    • Video essay strategy and guidance videos.
    • Post Decision Guidance Portal with access to school selection and scholarship negotiation guidance.
  • Lifetime Access* to the Interview Hero™ Training Program.

Calls with your Coach

  • Kick off and Orientation call.
  • Awesome Sauce Call including: Life Story PowerPoint with insights on strengths, stories, and values. Detailed school selection guidance. Choose recommenders. Storyboard essays for school one.
  • 1 additional Essay storyboarding call (beyond the Awesome Sauce call). Then $500 per hour.
  • 1 Essay troubleshooting call.
  • Two 30-minute MBA Application Clarity Call.

Additional Coach Access

  • Unlimited Coach AMAs and Office Hours (scheduled 1-2/mo).

Document Review

  • 1 Career Game Plan Review.
  • Story shaping coaching through essay draft revision. Total of 12 individual essay drafts for all schools, your choice. $500 per hour after this.
  • 2 Resume Revision Coaching drafts.

Interview Preparation

  • Lifetime Access to The Interview Hero™ Training Program.
  • Full access to Group Coaching: Interview Mocks and Hot Seats.
  • Interview Insights: In depth insights into past interviews for each school.
  • One 1:1 Interview Practice call with your coach. Additional Interview Practice calls ($500 per call).
  • Wharton Mock Team Based Discussion Mock with other Career Protocol Students.

Post-Result Guidance (Available as an upgrade for additional fees)

  • Waitlist coaching and document review ($500 per hour).
  • Scholarship request and negotiation coaching ($500 per hour).
  • Choosing the right school coaching (if you’re admitted to more than one program) ($500 per hour).
  • YOMO Group Coaching Program: Preparation to get the MBA Internship you really want (sold separately)

Please see Appendix A for additional clarifications and exclusions to Our service.


In exchange for these Services, You agree to pay Career Protocol the following fees.

A. Base Project Fee. You agree to pay the Base Project Fee for the MBA Essentials Project.

B. Expedited Service Surcharge. If You require expedited feedback on a specific portion of Your application (and only if the Coach has availability), Career Protocol will accommodate faster turnaround for an additional fee of $100 for each application item/draft for which You request expedited assistance, i.e. for each draft of an essay, resume, short answer document, recommendation or other miscellaneous application item. Compiling multiple essays into one document will incur an expedited fee for each of the multiple items. Expedited documents will be returned within one business day.

C. Round Change Service Charge. Please see the description of this fee in Section IV below.


You agree to pay the entire Base Project Fee upon executing this Agreement. You understand that Career Protocol will not begin providing the Services until receiving Payment in full.

Career Protocol will send You a timely invoice for any additional Fees, for example for expedited service or in the event that You decide to add additional schools or applications. You agree to pay these additional invoiced amounts upon receipt. You agree to waive any right to contest any invoice unless any objection or dispute is communicated to Career Protocol in writing within seven days of receiving the invoice.

All fees are non-refundable and will not roll-over to the next application season regardless of whether You have used all of the Services for which You paid during the application season to which this Agreement applies after the 7-Day trial period has passed.


A. Career Protocol acknowledges, represents and agrees that:

  • Client confidentiality. Career Protocol will maintain the confidentiality of personal information Career Protocol receives from Client during the course of the Services.
  • Prompt response times. Career Protocol will exercise good faith efforts to return written work and promptly respond to all other communications by Client within two business days where reasonably possible.
  • Exceptions to response times. For public holidays (including the two weeks surrounding Christmas and New Year’s), the Career Protocol team pauses the turnaround schedule so that both You and Your Coach can take time off for other commitments, friends, and family. A detailed explanation of our holiday turnaround schedule is accessible in the Most importantly, please note that Career Protocol will be closed from December 22, 2023 through January 2, 2024. As such, the last essay draft submission date for turnaround in 2023 is December 20, 2023.

B. Client acknowledges, represents and agrees that:

1. Services expire after one application round.

Career Protocol’s obligation to provide Services ends at the end of the round of admissions following the execution of this Agreement. That is, You understand and agree that Career Protocol will provide Services to You only during the round for which You signed up in a single application season. Projects, parts of projects, or any other services purchased cannot be moved to a future year or season for any reason. Any services not used within the timeframes outlined below expire and are nonrefundable.

  • Definition of Rounds:
    • Round 1: Ends September 30 after execution of this agreement
    • Round 2: Ends January 31 after the execution of this agreement
    • Round 3: Ends April 30 after the execution of this agreement
    • Possible scenarios:
      • If You sign up before Round 1, You have until the end of Round 1 applications of the same season to complete Your project. Application content (essays, resume, online responses, and recommendations) must be completed by September 30. Interview coaching for R1 must be completed by December 15.
      • If You sign up before Round 2 but after Round 1, You have until the end of Round 2 of the same season to complete Your project. Application content (essays, resume, online responses, and recommendations) must be completed by January 31. Interview coaching for R2 must be completed by March 15.
      • If You sign up before Round 3 but after Round 2, You must complete Your project by the end of Round 3 of the current application season. Application content (essays, resume, online responses, and recommendations) must be completed by April 30. Interview coaching for R3 must be completed by May 31.
      • You may not, under any circumstances, extend the completion of Your project beyond the first April 30, following the execution of this agreement. Any aspect of the project unused at that point will be forfeited.
      • Round Change Service Charge. If You decide to move Your project to a later round after the 7-Day Trial Period (see below), You agree that: Your Coach will cease work on Your project and resume after the current round is over (September 30 for Round 1, January 31 for Round 2). You will pay the Round Change Service Charge of $3,000 before work on Your project with Your Coach resumes.

2. Both Parties are subject to a 7-Day Trial Period.

Both You and Career Protocol have 7 calendar days to adjust this agreement. Once this agreement has been executed, Your Coach will schedule Your kick-off call. Within 7 calendar days of that initial kickoff call, You have the following options:

  • You may decide to cancel Your service and request a full refund.
  • You may request to work with a different Coach (only one Coach change permitted and subject to availability of an alternate Coach).
  • You may decide to shift Your project to a later round without paying the Round Change Service Charge.
  • If You take, no action within 7 calendar days of Your kick off call, the terms of this agreement will stand. You will not have the right to a refund for any reason, and if You choose to change rounds, You will be subject to the Round Change Service Charge.

In the same 7-Day Trial Period, Career Protocol also has the right to…

  • Cancel this agreement and issue a full refund
  • Change the Coach You are working with if We feel there is a better fit for You.

3. Confidential, copyrighted, and proprietary nature of Career Protocol materials.

You agree not to violate the confidentiality and intellectual property rights of Career Protocol’s materials. That is, You understand and agree that all materials provided by Career Protocol, including all materials available on the Career Protocol portal and all other written materials from Career Protocol are the property of Career Protocol. You understand and agree that this Agreement provides You solely with a temporary, personal license to use these materials, which You may not copy or transfer.

If You knowingly provide these materials to any other individual, business school applicant, admissions consultant, or otherwise, You agree that You will owe Career Protocol damages that include, but are not limited to, the Three-School Base Project fee for each person with whom You have wrongly shared these materials, whether or not that person applies to business school. If You knowingly provide these materials to a competitor of Career Protocol or other provider of similar services, You understand that You may be liable for monetary damages including Career Protocol’s lost profits and business opportunities (see Limitation on Liability, below).

Career Protocol understands and agrees that Your personal essays, written application answers, resume, and similar items are not Career Protocol’s intellectual property, even if Career Protocol assisted You in drafting or editing them, and thus You may continue to use them at Your discretion.

You further represent and agree:

  • That all information and materials You have provided or will provide to Career Protocol and its representatives will be truthful, accurate, and written by You (i.e. not plagiarized or written by anyone else);
  • That Career Protocol is not obligated to edit work that has been written, rewritten or edited by a third party;
  • That Career Protocol is not obligated to line-edit recommendations, whether written by the recommender or by You, but will give broader feedback and advice on the recommendation;
  • That Career Protocol is not obligated to edit essays more than 50% over the stated word limit;
  • That once You commence any work on any application within a project offering, You have committed to completing this application and cannot start a different application later in the engagement in its place, without both applications “counting” toward the number of schools in Your project.

Please see Appendix B for an outline of additional principles we expect You to adhere to during this engagement.

C. Disclaimer of Warranties:

Other than the specific limited warranties outlined above, Client acknowledges that Career Protocol provides no other express or implied warranties with respect to the materials or services under this agreement, and expressly disclaims any implied representations or warranties. In particular, because the MBA application process and subsequent recruitment processes are subjective, Client acknowledges that neither Career Protocol nor its representatives make any express, implied or other representations or warranties with respect to the impact these services have on Client’s application success rate. Neither Career Protocol nor its representatives can or do make any express, implied or other representation or warranty that Client will be admitted to any academic institution or achieve any other specific professional outcome


A. Limitation of Liability. In no event shall either Client or Career Protocol be liable for any damages exceeding the fees due under this Agreement, except in the event that Client violates Career Protocol’s confidentiality, copyright or other intellectual property rights (see Section IV(B), above). In that event, Career Protocol shall be entitled to both injunctive and monetary relief, with such monetary relief not limited to the specific fees described in Section IV(B), but to further include any other lost profits or monetary damages to Career Protocol. Otherwise, neither Client or Career Protocol shall be liable for any lost profits of any kind or any indirect, special, general, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages.

B. Career Protocol’s right of termination. Career Protocol will be entitled to immediately terminate this Agreement on written notice to the Client for any unethical or disrespectful behavior, deception, or other misconduct by the Client, such termination to be at Career Protocol’s reasonable discretion. Career Protocol will not refund Client for any Career Protocol project services which have already been paid but remain incomplete as at the date of termination.

C. Assignment. Career Protocol shall have the right, at its election, to assign this Agreement to any person, firm or corporation. The Client may not assign its rights under this Agreement under any circumstances.

D. Entire Agreement. This Agreement contains the entire Agreement between the parties and supersedes all previous negotiations, understandings and agreements, verbal or written with respect to any matters referred to in this Agreement. This Agreement may not be modified other than by a written modification signed by both parties.

E. Jurisdiction and Choice-of-Law. This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with and pursuant to the laws of the State of Texas. Career Protocol and the Client agree to submit any dispute they cannot resolve to mandatory mediation. If such mediation fails, any action is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the state or federal courts of Texas.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ APPENDIX A – SERVICE EXCLUSIONS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We are delighted to serve You per the parameters of the above agreement. This appendix provides further clarification of the boundaries of what is included in this service and what is not included.

Client acknowledges, represents and agrees that the following Services are NOT included in Your basic project, some of which can be added on, incurring additional fees:

  • Services that may be added for an additional charge:
    • Document expediting: Turning things around in fewer than two business days is not included. (This service can be purchased separately for $100 per draft as outlined in the agreement above.
    • Support on essays outside the primary essays for a given school: Support on essays for scholarships, dual-degree programs, the Consortium, or any other written materials not included as part of the school’s primary essay questions and online application will incur additional fees. Inquire with Your Coach for more information.
    • Additional Essay Brainstorming beyond Your single High Level Guidance Call (HLG): We will help You outline and strategize the primary essays for an additional number of schools equal to the number of schools in Your project. This guidance must be utilized in a single zoom call. Additional calls to brainstorm additional essays or email or written guidance beyond Your HLG call is not included. Should You want additional support beyond Your HLG call on schools outside of Your base project, You may add a school or an essay project. Inquire with Your Coach for more information.
    • Standing calls: As a part of our process, We will interact with You frequently via zoom calls recorded at Your request, but these calls will always be focused on a specific task that requires 2-way dialogue and at Your Coach’s initiation or discretion. (Should You require standing check in calls on a regular basis of any length, these can be purchased for an additional hourly fee.)
    • In depth advice and guidance on Your current career: Though We will speak extensively about Your future career plans for the purpose of Your MBA applications, and You will later get the chance to further explore Your future ambitions via the YOMO program, should You choose to join it, any advice or coaching related to Your current career (upward management, job changes or interviews, pivots, performance reviews, etc.) are out of scope of Your MBA application project. (Should You desire additional career coaching beyond the MBA application process, You can purchase an additional project or hours with Your coach to work on Your current career.)
  • Services that are not provided or promised under any circumstances:
    • Calls outside working hours: Your Coach will conduct business during regular business hours (9AM to 5PM in their time zone). Any calls scheduled outside these times will be scheduled at Your Coach’s discretion and on an exceptional basis.
    • Fact-checking or Your background check post-admission: MBA programs conduct a background check to affirm that the information submitted in Your application is accurate. It is Your responsibility to ensure that all the information You submit to schools is correct (including any transcript translations that may be required) and will be confirmed in a background check. We do not provide support at this stage of the process.
    • Support in between application rounds: Should You decide to move Your application to a later round than initially intended, You are required to give Your Coach immediate notice. Work will then be stopped on Your application and resumed again after the current deadline has passed and after You submit the Round Change Service Charge.
    • Scholarship application assistance: Career Protocol will not support separate applications to scholarships sponsored by the school or any other organization without incurring additional fees. Inquire with Your Coach if You want support with such an application.
    • Any general support outside of the MBA application itself: We know that life happens and things come up. We’re here to help You cross the finish line on Your MBA applications successfully, but We confine our coaching to that process itself: the resume, the essays, Your career goals for the essays, the recommendations, and the interviews. We might be able to provide additional support or coaching You might need or want beyond that scope, but such coaching would require an additional service and be deliverable pending Your coach’s capability and availability.
    • GMAT or GRE support: Career Protocol does not offer GMAT or GRE prep services. We do have a cadre of experienced and excellent tutors that We refer our clients to. If You need support on Your test scores, let Your Coach know, and We will connect You with one or two tutors We feel can best be of service to You. These services are entirely separate from Career Protocol. We have no financial arrangement with these tutors: We do not accept payment from them nor does our service cover the cost of Your tutoring services should You decide to pursue them.
    • Visa Support: Career Protocol does not offer counsel or advice concerning visas of any kind. Should you need guidance on obtaining a visa to complete your MBA education, we encourage you to contact an immigration attorney.
    • Therapy: We are not trained or certified mental health professionals and We are not qualified to give any advice related to mental health. In this day and age, We all need a committed listener and someone who can help us grow internally and heal past wounds. We strongly encourage You to seek the guidance of a mental health professional in Your own life (We are firm believers in therapy ourselves!), especially if You have suffered past trauma or have unprocessed experiences from Your past that You feel are holding You back. But We are not qualified to play that role for our clients nor should any of our guidance be considered such.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ APPENDIX B: OUR EXPECTATIONS OF YOU ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You further agree to uphold these principles in Your work with Us and beyond for the duration of Your project:

  • Honesty – truthful in all things at all times with Us and in all Your communication.
  • Integrity – completing work in a timely manner and to a high degree of excellence.
  • Humility – willing to learn and open to discovery.
  • Accountability – taking full responsibility for Your actions and effort, knowing that neither We nor You control the outcome.
  • Respect – understanding and honoring boundaries, seeking to communicate clearly, effectively, and proactively.

*Lifetime Access means during the lifetime of the product to which you have access.  Although not anticipated, should a product referenced be discontinued by Career Protocol, access to that product will no longer be available.