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Stellar School Selector Toolkit

School Selector

Future MBA Star! 🌟

Who said figuring out which MBA programs to apply to has to feel like rocket science? Scary, overwhelming, confidence-crushing? We’ve got some unicorn magic to cast on all that doom and gloom.

Drowning in a sea of MBA options? Unsure which schools are your perfect match and which ones might just swipe left on your application? Hoping to end the application season with multiple dazzling offers, preferably from a dream school or two?Β Well, you’ve just hit the unicorn jackpot!

Hey, we’re Career Protocol, your career guardian angels.

IYKYK. If not, imagine us as a merry band of passionate career experts, excelling at helping amazing folks like you launch into love-driven careers with the power of an MBA.

As your guides in this mystical MBA journey, we rock a success rate of 98.9% when working 1:1 with clients applying to a mix of reach, match, and safety schools. How, you ask? Well, one ingredient in our secret sauce is guiding our clients toward the right schools (along with helping them conquer the application journey, of course!).

Enter the...Stellar School Selector Toolkit!

Sure, the name needs a touch more magic, but it’s the unicorn’s horn of school selection – empowering you to confidently target the best schools to kickstart your post-MBA career!

For the first time, we’re sharing our incredible tools, previously exclusive to our 1:1 clients. Our years of wisdom distilled into a simple, follow-along kit that’ll help you aim true during applications.

Picture yourself a few weeks from now:

With this kit, you'll:​

Here's what you get with this Toolkit:

Ready to invest?

Hop on the unicorn express and simplify your MBA application journey.

Stellar School Selector Toolkit


Important links, career placement reports, and deep school insights, done for you, all in one place

Our complete guide to understanding and boosting your test scores​.

Your map to admission at your dream B-school! This step-by-step guide reveals what schools truly care about and how to craft your essays to show you’re a perfect fit.

All of our content organized and sorted, including some stuff that’s for client eyes only

The 2023-24 admission clock is ticking...

You’re brilliant, we know that. And we know how much you want to make the MBA dream a reality.

Our founder Angela, an admitted tech-lover and efficiency nerd, spent about 300 hours designing an MBA odds-predicting robot that replicates her 15 years of admissions experience. She’s decoded the admissions committee’s criteria into a 5-part framework, cutting through the fear-based marketing noise in the MBA admissions world.