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School Selector and
Ai Scouting Toolkit

School Selector
& Ai Scouting
Toolkit Bundle

Hey there,
Future MBA Star! 🌟

Got that pre-MBA stress creeping up on you like the Bogeyman in the night? Let’s turn those worries into stardust and add a sprinkling of rainbow vibes to your MBA journey!

No, we don’t have a wand-wielding robot to churn out enchanting essays for you just yet (nor would you want ‘em! Self-expression is your main gig!). But we’ve got some pretty nifty AI tools that can help you research schools like you’re on a magic carpet ride! 10 times faster than the good ol’ fashioned way!

Lost in the forest of options for your MBA journey? Baffled about the best schools for you? Dreaming of the day when you’ll hold that golden ticket admission offer in your hand?

Then congratulations, you’ve found your way to the magic beanstalk that will get you there! We’re Career Protocol, the good-natured unicorns of the MBA world!

We’re a jolly band of career experts, in love with what we do and obsessed with helping you build a career grounded in your passions!

You see, the MBA journey can be more than just a ticket to your dream job. It’s your ticket to a career you love that makes a difference you really care about. That’s what we’re here to support you on. It can also be a joy ride, and we’re here to make sure you enjoy every twist and turn.

Here’s a little secret: when we work 1:1 with clients to create a portfolio of reach, match, and safety schools, our success rate is a whopping 98.9%.

So, yeah, we’re kind of a big deal in the “making dreams come true” department! Unfurl your fairy wings, because we’re about to sprinkle some magic dust on your bschool application process. Our resource kit is like your personal genie, taking the drudgery out of the process so you can focus on crafting your story!

Just imagine a few weeks from now…

Just imagine a few weeks from now…


You’re hitting the “Submit” button on your applications, completely confident in your meticulously chosen schools.


You’ve perfectly calibrated your profile, aiming high with your reach schools while keeping your feet firmly on the ground with safer schools.


You’ve chosen schools that not only align with your professional aspirations but also resonate with your personal values and lifestyle.


You’ve become a school research wizard, going beyond the ordinary and crafting personal statements that scream “perfect fit”!

You’ve saved a whopping 30-40 hours, avoiding the drudgery of endless googling thanks to AI-driven school research.


You’ve got a trove of school-specific details to weave into your essays, showcasing your brilliant school fit.

Basically, you’ve nailed school selection and research like the rockstar that you are! No more second-guessing, no more worrying about wasted time or missed opportunities.


Ready to start the magic?

Enter the…
"School Selector and Scouting Toolkit Bundle"!

Our toolkit is your secret weapon. A treasure chest of resources and insights that will empower you to confidently identify, research, and secure admission to the best-fit business schools for you. It’s years of wisdom and tried-and-true tactics distilled into an easy-to-follow kit that helps you hit the bullseye with your applications.

When you’ve worked your magic with this bundled toolkit, you will...

What's included?

The School Selector and Scouting Toolkit Bundle is jam-packed with secrets from our years of experience and some cool tech wizardry, to make your school selection and research process seamless and efficient.

An AI-driven tool that works like a crystal ball, predicting your chances at top 30 U.S. schools based on your profile. It takes the guesswork out of the application process and helps you strategize effectively.

A comprehensive guide that helps you understand and leverage the MBA rankings, bringing clarity to your journey through that foggy world of b-school rankings.

A step-by-step guide that helps you curate a balanced list of reach, match, and safety schools. It’s like having a compass to guide you through the rough terrain of school selection.

A revolutionary tool that streamlines your school research process, making it 10 times faster and exponentially more thorough.

Perfectly structured templates to collect input for compelling personal statements that showcase your brilliant fit with your target schools.

How much for this magic carpet ride?

Magic comes when you’re ready to invest in your own dreams.

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Trust us, it’s a steal at this price. You’re getting years of wisdom, cutting-edge technology, and your precious time back – all for less than the price of a weekend getaway. Imagine investing that money into your future, setting you up for a lifetime of success.

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For the next week use this code to get 50% off this bundle.

Get all that glow before DEADLINE

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An easy-to-use planner that will help you keep track of all your application deadlines, ensuring you never miss a beat

Our complete guide to campus visits with tips on how to connect with current students and community members

An easy-to-use planner that will help you keep track of all your application deadlines, ensuring you never miss a beat

Your map to admission at your dream B-school! This step-by-step guide reveals what schools truly care about and how to craft your essays to show you’re a perfect fit.

Important links, career placement reports, and deep school insights, done for you, all in one place

All of our content organized and sorted, including some stuff that’s for client eyes only

With the School Selector and Scouting Toolkit Bundle, you can make your own magic.

Let us take some of the uncertainty and stress and suckage out of your MBA application journey.

We understand the stress of the application process and the importance of making the right decision about your future.

This bundle is designed specifically to address your needs and help you make all the time you’re gonna spend applying to business school worth it in the end.

Here’s What to Do Now
Jump into your toolkit today,
and let's start this journey together!

All sales final, but trust us, these tools are so magical that once you have them you won’t want to let them go.

This toolkit is your secret weapon in the MBA application process. But remember, every magic wand needs a willing wizard. If you’re ready to take a sincere look at your profile and put in the effort, this toolkit is going to be your best friend.

Already started your essays? No worries! Our kit will ensure you’re aiming at the right targets and might even inspire you to broaden your horizon.

Once you sign up, you’ll have access to the kit for one year from your last Career Protocol purchase date. To extend access beyond that, you can sign up for one of our awesome alumni membership programs.

We can’t wait to help you on this magical journey to your dream MBA program! 🚀🦄