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Rave Recommendation Toolkit

Rave Recommendation Toolkit

Hey there, Superstar! 🌈✨🦄

Does the thought of MBA recommendations fill you with jitters? Can’t decide who might be the right cheerleader to showcase your brilliance? Stressed about giving up control over this critical part of your application? Worry no more, we’ve got a magic potion to soothe your nerves and sprinkle a little unicorn dust on your journey. Introducing our Rave Recommendation Toolkit.

☁️ Float Above the Anxiety We get it. Recommendations can feel like playing roulette with your future. But imagine rising above that worry and relishing the knowledge that you’ve set your recommenders up for success. With our toolkit, you’ll learn how to choose your recommenders wisely and provide them with compelling content that highlights your best attributes.

🌟 Choose the Right Cheerleaders Identifying who can best endorse your abilities is tricky. You want to ensure they truly understand your value and can articulate it to the admissions committees. With our guidance, you’ll confidently identify individuals who aren’t just high-ranking, but also invested in your growth and success.

💌 Make Their Job Easier Let’s be real, your recommenders are busy people and you might be hesitant about adding more to their plates. Here’s the good news: our toolkit is designed to make this task more manageable for them and more beneficial for you. You’ll learn how to frame your achievements in a way that your recommenders can easily translate into glowing testimonials.

🎯 Pinpoint Your Uniqueness Just like your resume, your recommendation letters should echo your unique values and career journey. They need to capture not only what you’ve done but who you are and who you will become. Our toolkit helps you extract the essential elements of your narrative and weave them into your recommendations.

🔥 Ignite the Advocate in Your Recommenders You’re not just asking for a letter, you’re kindling a flame. Our toolkit shows you how to inspire your recommenders to become your enthusiastic advocates. Help them understand why an MBA is the perfect step for you and how their support will pave the way for your success.

With our Rave Recommendation Toolkit, you’ll be able to empower your recommenders to paint a vibrant picture of you that enhances your application. Because remember, your journey to business school isn’t a solo mission. It’s a group effort, and we’re here to ensure your team shines just as brightly as you do!

Here's what you get with this Toolkit

Step-by-step guide to selecting and coaching your recommenders

Our ready-to-fill Recommender Memo so you can give your recommenders all the right intel for an amazing recommendation

Advice on how to tackle tricky recommender situations

Orientation to the GMAC Common Recommendation

Excellent MBA Recommendation example

How much for this magic carpet ride?

Recommendations take time, so let’s get this party started!

Rave Recommendation Toolkit


Rave Recommendation Toolkit


So they can crush every question.

Where we keep our treasure trove of MBA program insights.

An easy-to-use planner that will help you keep track of all your application deadlines, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Every piece of valuable MBA content we’ve created, searchable and organized by subject.

Your map to admission at your dream B-school! This step-by-step guide reveals what schools truly care about and how to craft your essays to show you’re a perfect fit.

Are you ready to make your recommenders
your biggest fans?

Grab your toolkit today, and let's do this!

The Rave Recommendation Toolkit is covered by our 7-day Refund policy. Not TOTALLY wowed by these tools? Just tell us in the first seven days and we’ll refund your green. And we would definitely love to hear your feedback.

Once you sign up, you’ll have access to the kit for one year from your last Career Protocol purchase date. To extend access beyond that, you can sign up for one of our awesome alumni membership programs.

If you’re not applying to business school right now and are just looking for a job, heck yes, this toolkit is also for you. MBA is shorthand for Major Bad Ass. If you want your recommendations to show your awesomeness at any career stage, this is your ticket.

Ready to harness the power of stellar recommendations? Let’s dive in and make your application sparkle!🦄✨🌈