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MBA Resume
Glow Up Toolkit

MBA Resume Glow Up Toolkit

Hi there, dynamo! 👋

You’re no stranger to accomplishment and determination, and there’s a spark within you that’s ready to light up the business world. Our MBA Resume Glow Up Toolkit is designed just for you!

Unlock Your Full Potential with Career Protocol’s MBA Resume Glow Up Toolkit: Craft a Compelling Story that Puts YOU in the Spotlight!

Is your resume getting you down? 😓

You’re not alone. Your resume should be a showcase of your unique abilities, but figuring out how to convey your impact can be a real challenge. Trust us, we’ve seen it all, and we’re here to help.

Here’s what’s tripping you up…

You’ve got so many achievements under your belt, but they’re hidden behind a smokescreen of jargon and job responsibilities, lost in a flurry of team outcomes and organizational milestones. You’re having a tough time identifying your unique contribution within your broader team and communicating it in a way that resonates outside of your industry.

Lost in the jargon?

Your industry-specific language, while impressive in your current field, doesn’t always translate well to outsiders. You’ve got a resume laden with acronyms and jargon that may leave non-industry folk (like those crucial MBA admissions committees) scratching their heads. Your day-to-day tasks might feel like second nature to you, but conveying their importance and relevance in clear, simple language is a different ball game altogether.

Formatting woes?

It needs to show your personality! (in technicolor?) Which one of these fancy Canva templates is right for my finance job? How do I make it sparkle with sexy formatting? People have so many wrong ideas about the role resume formatting plays in showing your awesomeness. Hint: it’s none of the above.

Are you doing justice to your potential?

Have you found yourself highlighting job responsibilities over individual accomplishments? It’s a common mistake! It’s not just about the tasks you were given, but the difference you made. You’re struggling to differentiate the two and your resume is missing the punch it needs to stand out from the crowd.

Uncertain about what’s important?

We get it. When you’re in the thick of things, it can be tough to step back and identify what truly matters. You’re unsure about what to include and what to leave out. You find yourself questioning whether your achievements are noteworthy enough, or if your roles and responsibilities are directly relevant to your future goals. These uncertainties can make the resume crafting process feel like a torturous guessing game.

Don’t let YOU get lost in the black and white.

Your resume might be full, but it’s not doing justice to your extraordinary potential. Never fear! That’s where we come in to help.

You know that your resume isn’t just a checklist of your past roles; it’s your personal brand statement. It’s got to reflect your uniqueness, your values, and your aspirations. It should scream ‘YOU’ to anyone who reads it. It’s about showing your achievements and your journey in a way that says, “I’m not just another applicant. I’m an impact-driven, result-oriented future leader who can make things happen.”

Introducing our
MBA Resume Glow Up Toolkit

This toolkit is the secret weapon you need to conquer those resume woes. With step-by-step videos, foolproof templates, an insightful eBook, and crystal-clear instructions on how to master the art of writing impact-driven bullets, it doesn’t just teach you how to write a resume; you’re learning how to tell your unique professional story. It’s the story of a great leader in the making, and it’s hidden within your achievements.

The MBA Resume Glow Up Toolkit will help you stand out from the page and punch the reader in the face. Lovingly, of course.

Picture the transformation. 🦋

Imagine a resume that truly reflects you – your passion, your drive, and your unique impact. Imagine the confidence and clarity that come from knowing that you know how to convey your achievements like a boss (no more paying people to edit that resume for you!!).

Picture the admiring glances from your peers when they see your compelling resume, the one that truly tells your story. Think about how proud you’ll feel when the Career Coaches at your MBA program say, “This is one of the best resumes I’ve ever seen.” (True story, one of our clients got this comment!) And imagine how good you will feel knowing you have a resume that will make admissions committees sit up and take notice. That’s the power of our toolkit.

It’s an investment in your future. 💰

But you’re not just investing in a one-off resource. With the MBA Resume Glow Up Toolkit, you’re acquiring a skillset that will serve you time and again throughout your professional journey. And you’ll nail it every time!

Let’s talk about us… 🤗

We’re not your average MBA admissions company. We’re Career Protocol, your career guardian angels! A team of dynamic coaches led by a former recruiter at the Boston Consulting Group. We’re shaping resumes that hit the BCG bar, which is oh-so-much higher than the MBA bar. And, of course, we have Fred – our dancing unicorn – on board too. So you know we’re gonna help you sparkle

What's included?

Your MBA Resume Glow Up Toolkit brings your potential to life on the page. It’s not about a one-off piece of paper. It’s about mastering a framework that you can apply now and forever!

Engaging videos with practical step-by-step guidance to help you showcase your awesomeness in black and white in a way that will resonate with anyone who reads it, especially MBA adcoms

A wealth of knowledge at your fingertips to help you better understand and communicate your values and value adds

Tried-and-tested layouts that top MBA programs love

A fool-proof framework to ensure you know what works and why. No more following the advice of others – you’ll be qualified to coach resumes after this!

How much for all this badassery?

This MBA Resume Glow Up Kit is our single most valuable toolkit.

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It will make THE biggest difference in helping you stand out from the pile of talented and accomplished applicants. The resume is the most impactful document in your application and nearly everyone (including admissions consultants) gets it wrong. With this toolkit in your quiver, you will be poised to rise above.

MBA Resume
Glow Up Toolkit


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Copy this discount code:


For the next week use this code to get $100 off this toolkit.

MBA Resume Glow Up

Get all that glow before DEADLINE


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An easy-to-use planner that will help you keep track of all your application deadlines, ensuring you never miss a beat

In case you want a little support on other aspects of your business school application

So your LinkedIn profile won’t let you down, either, if anyone decides to check you out online

A taste of the most important work we do with our clients – Career Protocol’s YouDiscovery™ process – to help you catalog your most important achievements as you Glow Up that resume

With the MBA Resume Glow Up Toolkit,
you will shine in no time.

Let us take some of the vagueness and uncertainty out of your MBA application journey.

Use this kit to grab the admissions committee by the lapels and show them who’s the boss
(of your own potential).

The MBA Resume Glow Up Toolkit is covered by our 7-day Refund Policy. Not TOTALLY wowed by the Badass Resume Protocol? Just tell us in the first seven days and we’ll refund your green. And we would definitely love to hear your feedback.

Once you sign up, you’ll have access to the kit for one year from your last Career Protocol purchase date. To extend access beyond that, you can sign up for one of our awesome alumni membership programs.

If you’re not applying to business school right now and are just looking for a job, heck yes, this toolkit is also for you. MBA is shorthand for Major Bad Ass. If you want your resume to show your awesomeness at any career stage, this is your ticket.

We can’t wait to help you bring your badass self to life on a single page for all the world to see! 🚀🦄