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Comprehensive Interview Prep Project Harvard

Comprehensive Interview Prep Project: Harvard


Leverage the secret ninja tools of our bestselling book Interview Hero and apply them 1:1 with an expert Career Protocol Coach to give yourself maximum advantage in interviews: tell your story with confident humility, make a genuine connection, and actually enjoy the interview.

Got a Harvard Interview? YAY!
Take a deep breath.

The Harvard interview is special. Conducted by a highly trained admissions staff member who has read your entire application and done some addition research on you, the Harvard interview contains 95% point-blank questions: Pointed questions probing deeper on every last detail of what you wrote in your applications and beyond. These questions about you, your story, and your ambitions demand a simple and direct answer. After all, with 100% of classes first year leveraging the case method, they want to make sure you know how to listen, answer a question, make a concise point, and engender confidence in who you are.

The Harvard interview is nothing to be scared of. In fact, if you got the interview invite, you’re probably already ready for the conversation! Don’t let the lists of questions posted on forums scare you. Out of context, those questions might seem impossible. But that’s because they’re not questions the AdCom would ever ask YOU!! Your questions should be easy to answer because they’re all about you!

But if you want help ferreting out the questions the AdCom will ask you based on your unique application and practicing any tricky ones to make sure you’re ready for all the curve balls, we’ve got you covered. We’ll dig through your application and generate a question list we think will match the AdCom’s and then help you construct your best answers so you can be prepared for almost anything.

The Harvard Interview Prep package includes strategic guidance for and review of your “Last Word” essay. Choose the Harvard Package if you want to work on your Harvard interview with us.

What's Included:

We’ll survey your application to the school we are working on together to uncover key talking points, likely questions, and weaknesses to address

In this 15-minute call, your Coach will share their insights on their review of your application, suggest high priority questions for the school you‘re working on and get you set up to complete your interview training as efficiently as possible.

We’re not just lobbing questions at you in a fake interview. Before you even go into your mock interview, you’re going to learn how to answer all four major question types covered in 95% of MBA Interviews:

  • The Walk Me Through: Walk me through your resume or Tell me about yourself.
  • Future Questions: What are your goals, why do you want an MBA, and why our schools?
  • Behavioral Questions: Like tell me about a time you led a team
  • Point-Blank Questions: What’s your biggest weakness? Where do you get your news? And many, many more

Through the Interview Hero training program, you’ll learned our innovative tried and true frameworks to approach these questions and construct YOUR ideal answers as you complete the program BEFORE you do practice with your Instructor.

In this in-depth training call, you will practice with actual past questions from your target school with your Coach and get detailed feedback on each one as you go. Your Coach will also recommend next steps to finish preparation between your call and your interview.

How it Works:


Choose a service

Find the best coaching option to make your MBA apps shine like you do.


Decide on a time

Choose the time for your kick off call, choose your coach, book, and pay for your project!


Complete our survey

Help us kick off the process by telling us a little about your MBA process to date.


Get started!

Meet with your Career Protocol Coach for a session by Zoom—and get ready for MBA application awesomeness!

Your Coaches:

The Improv Star: Louise is obsessed with storytelling. It’s her #1 passion. She’s gonna help you master yours.

The Professor: Brian is the most experienced teacher in our ranks. He’s going to teach you how to build awesome stories in an interview. 

The Sparkplug: Charli will not only help you showcase your best experiences, she’ll help you shine in the process of telling them.

The Silent Ninja: Vijay sees and hears all. He will listen patiently to your answers then add laser precise insights that make a huge difference in your performance.

The Perfectionist: Jenn will make sure weaknesses are addressed, career game plans are air tight, and you’re ready to put your best foot forward in that interview. 

What are people saying?

Louise was instrumental in helping me grow my writing, storytelling, and interviewing skills to allow me to bring my best, fully authentic self to this process. She skillfully pulled out my life experiences and helped me transform them into genuine, inspiring stories. I was able to not only get interviews at every school I applied to, but I got admits to 6/7 schools

Class of 2023 Admit

I applied to 4 schools and got interview calls from 3. Got admitted to 2, including HBS. Charli coached me through the interviews – worked on aspects I didn’t even consider important like body language, my speed of talking, etc. This is something that helped me even beyond the MBA applications and changed the way I speak and interact with clients/teams at work.

Class of 2022 Admit

We prepped for my interviews at HBS and GSB, and Charli was my biggest cheerleader throughout. It was amazing how many of the questions she asked me during our mock interviews showed up in the actual interview, which goes to show how much of an expert she really is — work with Charli!

Class of 2021 Admit

Frequently Asked Questions:

Everybody is awesome. We’re all trained in the Career Protocol ways, and we all work as a team. But we each have slightly different personalities and passions. So you can’t go wrong!! You will choose your coach when you sign up for the project based on who is available at your chosen time.

The exact deliverables for your project are outlined on that service’s page. As far as working with a Career Protocol Coach, you can expect personalized attention and guidance based on years of experience, tried and tested tools, and a passion for helping you shine as the unique human you are. Expect a mix of guiding questions, thought partnership, and communications coaching based on our decades of experience.

Like any other relationship, the more work you put into your deliverables, the more you’ll get out. Those who get the best results are receptive to feedback and open to doing the work their Coach recommends.

We’re happy to report that these problems very seldom arise. Nonetheless, our world-class customer success team is standing by, and is committed to resolving any issues that come our way. Just contact [email protected] if you have any problems.

After you book a session, your Coach will confirm the booking and be connected to you via email within two business days (keep an eye on spam). Most coaches reply the same day. If you haven’t heard from your coach within two days of signing up, just contact [email protected].

We adhere strictly to a two-business day turnaround schedule. If you work quickly and turn drafts in consistently, you’ll be finished with your resume within 10 days. Essays can take a bit longer, but again, if you work quickly, you can complete them within 2 weeks. Please keep the holidays in mind: we take the days around Christmas and New Year’s off, and these do not count as business days in the two-business-day turnaround, so please get started ASAP.

You have 24 hours after your kickoff call (but before any more work is completed) to either request a full refund or request a different Coach. If you request a different Coach, we will pair you with the coach you request (or assign you a new one as soon as possible).

Once the work has begun, we cannot issue a refund. However, we strongly recommend you express any questions, concerns, or comments to your Coach. In nearly all cases, your Coach will be able to help you find a resolution, as long as you communicate with them.

If you’d like to switch Coaches after your kickoff call, you may do so within 24 hours by emailing [email protected]