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MBA Catalyst Program

You’re here because you want to
build a career you love and an MBA is a key step on your path.

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When you become an MBA Catalyst, you’ll get access to:

Our Course Curriculum

Your guides Angela Guido and the Career Protocol team will take you on the inspiring journey of discovering and sharing your best self in MBA applications.

The Authentic MBA Catalyst Program curriculum includes professional, easy-to-fit-into-your-busy-day videos and hands-on training for every application component – from school selection and profile calibration to the resume, recommendations, short answers, essays, and interviews.

Everything is designed to help you create brilliant applications while advancing your self-knowledge and communication skills in the process.

This is not about theory, it’s about getting that application done for Round 2 deadlines with hands-on support and coaching.

The Career Protocol App

Get easy access to everything that is included in the MBA Catalyst Program through our new app.

The Career Protocol app has revolutionized how we connect with our ever-growing online community of future shapers.

Within this single app, you can access your course curriculum, the MBA community forum, and our live coaching events.

You can tune in to our live classes whether you’re at home, in front of the computer at work, or on-the-go.

Group Coaching

This program gives you the unique and invaluable opportunity to be directly coached and supported by Angela and the entire Career Protocol coaching team. Leverage our many years of experience and wisdom and apply it to your specific application challenges.

There’s nothing we haven’t seen before, coaching hundreds of MBA applicants from 87 different countries to get into every top MBA program. Whatever your question is, we’ve got answers.

At specific points on your journey (the most challenging and critical to get right!), submit your application components for direct coach feedback. Additionally, submit questions in the MBA community forum, where the Career Protocol coaches are ready to support you with keen insights and loving guidance.

And finally, join one of our 2-3X weekly group coaching calls and get expert guidance on your application – plus motivation and accountability! – so you can sail across the finish line with ease (maybe even in time to enjoy your holidays without the pressure of early January deadlines weighing you down!).

Community Lounge

As a dreamer, achiever, and leader, you can sometimes feel like you’re completely alone.

Like your challenges and strengths are so unique and hard to express that nobody could possibly understand how you’re really feeling. Especially when it’s the middle of the night, you’re exhausted, and you’re swimming in all the questions and insecurities the MBA application brings up. (Note: every successful MBA applicant ever has probably felt the same.)

When you join us in the MBA Lounge with dozens of other kindred spirits, you’ll never feel alone on this journey again.

The Authentic MBA Applicant community is one of the most valuable aspects of this program, because you get to share the highs and lows, the fears and inspirations, and express yourself just as you are. No judgment.

You’ll have a whole new family who aren’t just going through similar experiences, they’re learning how to create and lead, just like you. They want to be part of the new paradigm of business leadership right alongside you.

Hi, I’m Angela Guido, the Founder of Career Protocol.

My team and I have coached hundreds of MBA applicants just like you with a 98.9% success rate for those that follow our entire process.

Here are some of the results our clients
have achieved in recent years.

Total Client Scholarships $23,806,028
Per Successful Client $88,498
Overall Client Success Rate 93.7%
Guided Quest Success Rate* 98.5%
Total Client Scholarships $7,401,021
Per Successful Client $129,842
Overall Client Success Rate 96.6%
Guided Quest Success Rate* 98.3%
Total Client Scholarships $4,470,797
Per Successful Client $75,776
Overall Client Success Rate 86.8%
Guided Quest Success Rate* 98.3%
ALL YEARS 2022-23 2021-22 2020-21
Total Client Scholarships $23,806,028 $7,401,021 $4,470,797 $23,806,028
Per Successful Client $88,498 $129,842 $75,776 $86,691
Overall Client Success Rate 93.7% 96.6% 86.8% 92.5%
Guided Quest Success Rate* 98.5% 98.3% 98.3% 98.4%
*excluding unsuccessful clients who did not follow Career Protocol recommended guidelines of applying to a portfolio of schools, including minimum 1 safety

What some of our successful students have to say

 “Angela was constantly there for me. Not as an admissions consultant, but as a friend, mentor, and quasi grief counselor. When I felt like I was losing my mind she always had wisdom for the moment -providing equal parts actionable advice and compassion. With her help, I fought off depression and took back control over my life – just in time for my Stanford admissions interview invitation to show up.”

Stanford Class of 2024 Admit 

“When you sign up with CP, you get an army of people who have your back and a community of applicants who are driven and supportive.”

Booth Class of 2025 Admit

“I wasn’t the strongest candidate on paper, with an underwhelming GPA and test statistics, so I chose Career Protocol because it helped me believe that my personal story was compelling. “

MBA Class of 2025 Admit

“My main comment: How do you guys do all of this??? How is the secret not out about how amazing you guys are??? I suppose I take it as a personal sense of pride that I found you guys since somehow other people don’t??? You guys made the process human.”

MBA Class of 2025 Admit

“I not only have a Stanford offer but offers to three other M7 schools, one with a scholarship! It’s well beyond my wildest dreams, and I’m putting the effort into writing this review because I am so grateful to her and her team for the countless hours of support (literally, unlimited) that they put into getting me where I am today.”

Stanford Class of 2024 Admit

“Angela really cares. These are good people that I trust. I have already told friends about them. I hope they can keep the feel of this program / company over time. It’s very personalized. I don’t know how they do it. It is so impressive. A true gem in the noise of what is out there.”

MBA Class of 2025 Admit

These are the 12 steps we’ll guide you through:


By the end of this stage, you will have…

  • Clarity about your most important life experiences and greater awareness of the subtle nuances of your character that differentiate you
  • Higher baseline confidence in yourself and the value you bring to the table
  • Clarity that an MBA is the right next step for your career

Choosing Up

By the end of this stage, you will have…

  • A portfolio of schools that lets you aim high while protecting your downside with safer schools
  • A 4-part Career Game Plan that will inspire admissions committees with your vision and practicality
  • Increased knowledge and credibility regarding your chosen post-MBA field

Building Relationships

By the end of this stage, you will have…

  • Friends on the inside at your target schools
  • Deep knowledge about your target schools and the value they would add to your career
  • Awesome MBA recommendations

Communicating Brilliantly and Finding Your Voice

By the end of this stage, you will have…

  • Essays that deeply touch and inspire you
  • A resume that shows you are an unequivocal badass
  • An online application that rounds out and adds value to your profile
  • Confidence in your ability to crush any interview (MBA or beyond)
  • Satisfaction that you got as much scholarship money as you possibly could at the schools you are admitted to

The Detailed Goodies
Our Curriculum Delivers

We’re known for communicating things simply, clearly, and compellingly.
The exact thing we’re teaching you to do in this process! So you can be sure that our tools and processes are fire.

Here’s a selection of some of the awesome things you’ll have access
to while working with us: