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Well, that went well!

Ok we’ll just say it. We love you, and we’d love to work with you.

We sincerely hope the feeling is mutual.

This page is your official invitation to sign up to work with us.

Just click the button of the Project you want, go through the sign-up process, and we’ll be off to the races!

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3+3 Schools

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4+4 Schools

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Or alternatively, choose the MBA Essentials Project


Get ready to say…

This application represents the very best of me and all I have to offer. If this school doesn’t want this person, I accept the outcome because this is who I am.

I wrote my whole application. Yeah, resume too! So if I get into X school, I know I deserve it. I earned the admission entirely on my own merit. (Imposter syndrome be gone!)

Ready to sign up? Read no further!

The rest of this page repeats a lot of what you read before our strategy call just in case you’re still deciding between projects.

Here’s a glimpse of the results we’ve helped our clients achieve:





Total Client Scholarships

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$ 0

Per Successful Client 

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Overall Client Success Rate

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Guided Quest Success Rate*

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0 %

*excluding unsuccessful clients who did not follow Career Protocol recommended guidelines of applying to a portfolio of schools, including minimum 1 safety

Here’s how we’re gonna cross the finish line together.

1:1 Coaching

Our Signature Curriculum

The Best Resources

Our Curriculum

We provide resources, learning opportunities, and direct 1:1 coaching every step of the way so you can bring out your best. Here’s what you can expect at each stage:


By the end of this stage, you will have…

  • A catalog of all your most important life experiences and greater awareness of the subtle nuances of your character that differentiate you
  • A 15+-page Life Story PowerPoint, created by your coach, that showcases all the aspects of your best self
  • Higher baseline confidence in yourself and the value you bring to the table
  • Clarity that an MBA is the right next step for your career

Choosing Up

By the end of this stage, you will have…

  • A portfolio of schools that lets you aim high while protecting your downside with safer schools
  • A 4-part Career Game Plan that will inspire admissions committees with your vision and practicality
  • Increased knowledge and credibility regarding your chosen post-MBA field

Building Relationships

By the end of this stage, you will have…

  • Friends on the inside at your target schools
  • Deep knowledge about your target schools and the value they would add to your career
  • Awesome MBA recommendations

Communicating Brilliantly and Finding Your Voice

By the end of this stage, you will have…

  • Essays that deeply touch and inspire you
  • A resume that shows you are an unequivocal badass
  • An online application that rounds out and adds value to your profile
  • Confidence in your ability to crush any interview (MBA or beyond)
  • Satisfaction that you got as much scholarship money as you possibly could at the schools you are admitted to


We’re known for communicating things simply, clearly, and compellingly.

The exact thing we’re teaching you to do in this process! So you can be sure that our resources are the bomb. Here’s a selection of some of the awesome things you’ll have access to while working with us:

Below you can luxuriate in reading all the amazing ways our clients have loved the process of working with us.

“I was originally very skeptical about working with an MBA consultant. But Angela knew the MBA landscape in and out, was immediately candid about my prospects, and exactly what I needed to get done by which dates to give me the best chances at going to business school. And beyond all of this, she was friendly and great to talk to, and a fantastic sounding board for all the questions I had.”

Class of 2024 Admit

“Charli pushed me to delve into the depths of my story, and share my narrative in an empowering and authentic way. Multiple mock interviews with her helped me better articulate my journey, and boosted my confidence for the actual interviews.”

NYU Stern Class of 2024 Admit

“From day 0, Louise considers you and herself a team. She even took extra mock interviews to ensure I had multiple admits. Honestly, I used to look forward to our weekly calls because she is so positive yet a realist!”

Class of 2024 Admit

“I was most impressed by the accuracy of my key character themes, anecdotes, personality traits, and other very rich details Sarah deduced from the simple life narrative I shared. These details were critical to not only the individual stories told in my essay but also the entire structure of it.”

Class of 2022 Admit

“During my time working with her, Jenn was my biggest cheerleader and helped me not only craft my story for why b-school but also contextualize my unique strengths and “superpowers” as a candidate.”

Class of 2023 Admit

“Sarah is an English PhD candidate at one of the nation’s top universities and can effectively communicate – verbally and on paper – better than most CEOs. She is literally a MASTER of the English language and is able to take your thoughts, analyze them, and convey them better than anyone I have ever worked with to date.”

Class of 2022 Admit

Harvard Admit and Microsoft Employee, Jose, Discovered His Unique Value in Unexpected Stories.

“We redrafted and redrafted until my essays were in the absolute sweet spot, and never once did I feel that I was getting anything less than 100% from Brian. My results? Interviews at 2 top-5 schools, and admission with $ to one of them, as well as full-ride scholarships to two of my safety picks.”

Class of 2023 Admit

“Other than helping me with my MBA application, Angela really went above and beyond. Besides thousands of other things, the thing I am grateful for the most is that she gave me career and life advice as well. All in all, I would strongly recommend Angela.”

Chicago Booth Class of 2024 Admit

“I was nervous that my writing style would come across as dull and uninspired, but with Louise’s help, I was able to find more engaging ways to connect through my writing. She was excited to learn about me and my experiences.”

Class of 2024 Admit

“Despite his cool, laid-back demeanor, Brian kept me on schedule and accountable to all deadlines throughout the process. His guidance directly led to 4 interviews, 3 admission decisions and ultimately my enrollment at a top-5 program.”

Class of 2024 Admit

“On paper, I am below average on literally every metric at every school in the top 20, but because of the guidance I received at Career Protocol, I find myself with multiple offers, including one from HBS. Charli gave me the confidence to believe I had a shot, and she ensured that I gave that shot everything I had.”

Class of 2024 Admit

With the Help of Her Coach, Kimberly Was Admitted to 3/3 Top Schools and Granted $350K in Scholarships.

1:1 Coaching

Guided Quest Project

Amounts to unlimited support on nearly all aspects of your application.

The Guided Quest Project is for people who want full partnership in elevating their soft skills, self-awareness, and confidence while creating inspiring and authentic applications.

You can think of this like Martial Arts training. You don’t tell the Master what you’re going to work on today; the Master takes responsibility for your development and ensures you’re doing all the things you need to do to reach the goal (i.e., admission to at least one school that’s as good as possible, ideally more than one, and ideally with a pile of scholarships). 

We can’t guarantee or control the outcome. We can only control effort and input. With the Guided Quest Project, you hand yourself over to your coach, and they guide your efforts all the way to the destination. Your job is just to do the work and bring your very best to every step of the process. That’s how we ensure that by the end you will have created an application that reflects the best of who you are. The work is all yours; the structure and processes are all ours.

This is also the project that leads our clients to report almost magical results in their personal development – permanent transformation of their self-confidence, upleveling of certain soft skills, and dramatically improved clarity in who they are and what they want in their career.

What’s with the +3 and +4, etc.?

Because our goal is to make sure you end the season with at least one offer – ideally more than one, and hopefully from one or more of your dream schools (with scholarships) – we include high-level strategic guidance for 3 more schools in addition to giving you hands-on guidance and unlimited drafts for your 3 primary schools (in the 3+3 project).

For clients who have executed against this guidance, their acceptance rate is 99.2%. In the whole history of the firm, only 3 clients failed to get admitted to any school with this approach.

Even the rockiest rock star needs to hedge bets. We want you to do that without having to pay extra.

This project is best for MBA hopefuls who…

If you choose the

MBA Essentials Project...

You get access to all your coach’s expertise,
but you decide where to focus. You drive.

Designed for people who want to create multiple authentic and inspiring MBA applications efficiently.

It’s best for MBA hopefuls who…

  • Are in a hurry with limited time
  • Like to be in the driver’s seat and pick and choose the aspects of their application their coach engages on

With this project, you get access to all our amazing resources. You begin the process with discovery, school selection, recommender selection, and story shaping, just like our Guided Quest clients. But from that point forward, you decide which aspects of your applications you want your coach to engage with. You’ll have 12 individual essay drafts to split among any and all of your schools, among other circumscribed guidance.

This project is designed to cover all the essentials for MBA application success. As you go along, you can upgrade and add hours if you decide you want more time with your coach. The choice is yours.

The MBA Essential Project is priced at a flat rate of $9,000.

If you decide later that you want more input, guidance, or creative thought partnership from your coach, additional hours cost $500 each.

If you’re
still deciding between the two…

We want to help you choose the one that is actually the best fit for your disposition, preferences, and needs.

The investment required differs between these two services, but we encourage you not to let that be your guide for this decision.

In our experience, many clients would be happy with either project, but in many cases ONLY one of these services will ensure you are fully satisfied with your experience.

As you are choosing your project, here are some questions to answer for yourself.

What is your work style?

If you answered “yes” to most of those, then the Guided Quest might be the best fit for you.

If you answered “yes” to those, then you might be happier with the MBA Essentials Project. It will allow your coach to add value to the most important parts of the process while allowing you to maintain control over your own work.

What do you hope to gain from this process?

“Yes” to these questions points to the Guided Quest as ypur best option.

Those yeses point toward the MBA Essentials Project.

What are your needs as you tackle the MBA application journey?

Then go for the Guided Quest.

If so, then the MBA Essentials might be the most satisfying way to engage your coach.

The Guided Quest Project
The MBA Essentials Project

The table below compares each step of the process by Project,
which could be helpful as you contemplate the options.

Guided Quest  MBA Essentials
Our All in Project, Full Partnership from beginning to end Just the essential pieces you need to build as many amazing MBA applications you want
For people who want full partnership in elevating their soft skills, self-awareness, and confidence while  creating inspiring and authenitc applications. For people who want the best guidance to create multiple authentic and inspiring MBA applications efficiently, and with the best guidance.
Access to Career Protocol Proprietary Tools and Training
(access expires May 1 at the end of the application season unless otherwise indicated)
Career Protocol Inner Circle Membership - Slack community inclusion and access to all community huddles, group coaching calls, and office hours 2 Year Membership* 1 Year Membership
Access to our Complete Authentic MBA Application Program with step by step guidance, video lessons, workbooks, and done-for-you templates Full Access Full Access
MBA Application Progress Tracker Yes Yes
Guided You Discovery™ process  Lifetime Access Lifetime Access
Best practice research and networking guidance, school outreach resources, and informational interview scripts Full Access Full Access
School selection strategy guidance Full Access Full Access
The Badass Resume Protocol: Own your impact and communicate your awesomeness all on one page Full Access Full Access
Recommender selection, preparation, and coaching materials Lifetime Access Lifetime Access
Hollywood Storytelling Training: Learn how to inspire with your story and create an emotional connection with your audience Full Access Full Access
Access to the Career Protocol Complete Content Library - every piece of valuable MBA content we've created, searchable and organized by subject Lifetime Access Lifetime Access
MBA School Insight Vault: MBA Program resource library with essential links, school insights, and in depth school research reports Full Access Full Access
Video essay strategy and guidance videos Full Access Full Access
The Interview Hero™ Training Program Lifetime Access Lifetime Access
Post Decision Guidance Portal with access to school selection and scholarship negotiation guidance Full Access Full Access
Calls with your Coach
Kick off and Orientation call Yes Yes
- Awesome Sauce Call Yes Yes
- Life Story PowerPoint with insights on strengths, stories, and values
- Detailed school selection guidance
- Choose recommenders
- Storyboard essays for school one
Additional Essay storyboarding calls (beyond the Awesome Sauce call) Unlimited as needed for core schools One extra for other schools 1 Then $500 per hour
Essay troubleshooting calls Unlimited as needed for core schools 1
Career Game Plan Call Unlimited as needed $500 per hour
30-minute MBA Application Clarity Call N/A 2
Document Review
Career Game Plan Review Unlimited 1
Story shaping coaching through essay draft revision Unlimited for core schools Total of 12 individual essay drafts for all schools, your choice. $500 per hour after this
Resume Revision Coaching Unlimited 2 drafts
Recommendation review Unlimited for core schools $500 per hour
Short answers and odds-n-ends Yes $500 per hour
Team input on critical essays Yes No
Interview Preparation
The Interview Hero™ Training Program Lifetime Access Lifetime Access
Group Coaching: Interview  Mocks and Hot Seats 2 Year Access* Full Access
Interview Insights: In depth insights into past interviews for each school Yes Yes
1:1 Interview Practice calls with your coach 2 1
Wharton Mock Team Based Discussion Mock with other Career Protocol Students Yes Yes
Pre-interview essays or video preparation Yes for main schools No
Additional Interview Practice calls $500 per call $500 per call
Additional Coach Access
Email questions with 2-business day response Unlimited No
Coach AMAs and Office Hours (scheduled 1-2/mo) Unlimited Unlimited
Recommender coaching and troubleshooting Unlimited No
Campus networking strategy and troubleshooting Yes No
LinkedIn Profile Review Yes No
Post-Result Guidance
Waitlist coaching and document review Yes for core schools $500 per hour
Scholarship database access Yes No
Scholarship request and negotiation coaching Yes $500 per hour
Choosing the right school coaching (if you're admitted to more than one program) Yes $500 per hour
YOMO Group Coaching Program: Preparation to get the MBA Internship you really want Yes* Sold separately

*included for students who complete the community challenges

Our 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

We want to make sure you’re deeply satisfied with your choice to work with us, so we give you a week to finalize your project, coach, deadlines, and commitment.

As soon as you sign up with us, we’ll get you into the Career Protocol Academy so you have access to all our amazing resources. Then your coach will schedule your kick-off call, get to know you better, talk through your profile and target schools, and discuss timing, work process, and deadlines.

After that call, you have 7 days to change your mind…

  • You can switch to a different coach if there seems to be a better mutual fit
  • You can upgrade or downgrade your Project
  • You can get a full refund and go on your own merry way

People very rarely do any of the above, but we want you to be happy. If a change of plans serves you best, we’re cool with it. Once your 7 days have passed, we’ll be all in and off to the races!

(No refunds are possible after 7 days, and any changes to your Project or deadlines could incur extra charges.)