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Meet Vijay Raghunathan, a unique blend of a Stanford-trained business mind and a magic relationship-builder who sees the best in people, even when they fail to see it themselves.

Vijay is not your regular career coach. He is an average Joe turned exceptional through the power of relationships, and he wants to sprinkle that magic onto you! His expertise? Building micro-relationships that help you win over interviewers and take the fast lane to your dream job. 

Vijay, with his contagious laugh and limitless curiosity, embarked on a solo journey through Latin America, making lifetime connections along the way. The stage at Theater Rhino, the LGBTQ theater in San Francisco, was his playground, where he built cool things with cool people.

Vijay is the guy you want by your side when the going gets tough, or when you are craving tacos at 3 a.m. When Vijay is not transforming careers, he is busy transforming nonprofits in Latin America through his social impact start-up.

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