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I’ve been helping people like you achieve their career and MBA dreams for over 17 years! I love hearing their stories and their goals, and I love helping them get a little further along in their quests.

My clients love that I really understand the logistical and emotional challenges of applying to competitive positions and top MBA programs. These are ambitious goals! There is a lot to do and not enough time! Doubts emerge, poor GMAT performances happen, family drama happens, work challenges happen… And all the while you’re trying to be a particularly amazing employee, maintain your close relationships, and maybe even have some you-time every once in a while!

With so much coming at you from all sides, and so much seemingly at stake, my clients are very often surprised at how much fun we have together. My goal is for our interactions to be sources of inspiration, information, and reassurance – with the occasional necessary moment of reckoning or tough love.

That brings me to honesty. While I’m patient and empathetic, I’m also direct. We’ll keep our eyes on the prize and our feet on the ground, taking practical step by practical step toward the goal.

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